The Story of “Eat My Spirit, Drink My Life"


Virtually every day, for decades, I have prayed, that ‘I seek and find the Holy Spirit’. From a child, I pondered the Holy Eucharist, and how it became the body and blood of Christ. I believed, but still wondered deeply, wishing to understand, to ‘know’. Maybe you have also.                                                                                         

In 1996, while driving to perpetual adoration, very early in the morning, at the 3am hour, on Interstate 94, I heard the voice of God. I was listening to the Bible on tape, the gospel of John, chapter 6. In the later verses of this chapter Jesus is talking to His disciples and at verse 54 says; “He who feeds on my flesh and drinks my blood has life eternal, and I will raise him up on the last day”. (The word “feeds” here means to “gnaw, chew”)

Many disciples doubt this hard teaching, and Jesus goes on to say “Does it shake your faith?”. At verse 6:62 He says; “What, then, if you were to see the Son of Man ascend to where he was before…?”.  At 6:63 He continues; “It is the spirit that gives life; the flesh is useless. The words I spoke to you are spirit and life.” It was here, at that last sentence, that everything ceased, like I was in a dark vacuum in space, I couldn’t hear the radio any longer, and from the left side of my head, like four inches from my ear,I heard a very clear, stoical, "The Teacher" voice say, “Eat My Spirit, drink My life.” I was given a new verse for the Bible. John 6:63.5. Wow.

It took over a year to understand more fully what this meant. I didn’t tell many people right away, that I heard from God. This was something so profound. Something I knew wouldn’t be from the devil either. I am a catholic, and I was bible studying with my protestant friends from work, who just don’t believe in the Eucharist being the actual body and blood of our Lord. But, Gods’ Word is good food, always.

At first I had the ‘Aha!’ moment, that maybe the friends were right, that Jesus is only referring to being filled with His Spirit and ‘drinking’, living, His life. But, having the Deja-vu moments and knowing there is more to things, with God, usually a literal and a metaphoric meaning to His word, I kept obedient to my catholic faith and ‘pondered’ what all this meant. 

About a year later, I was at a morning mass, on the anniversary of the Roe vs Wade decision, and I listened to the words of the consecration from the priest as we have heard hundreds of times. But, that morning, I heard the words as I had never heard them before. It explained everything: “Father, send Your Spirit upon these gifts, that they may become for us the body and blood of Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ”. I started crying profusely. It all came together. We have to ‘eat His Spirit’, “gnaw”, work at, be worthy of communion; confess our sins, repent from sin, forgive others, walk with the Holy Spirit; and ‘drink His life’, “chew”, breathe it, live as Jesus did, serve others, live selflessly. When we do these things we are ‘worthy’ of receiving communion. We are worthy of His body and blood. 


It also dawned at me at the same time, the physical aspect of what was happening before me, “Father, send Your Spirit…”. The ‘Spirit’, the same authority Jesus gave to Peter the first pope, when He said in Matthew chapter 16:19; “I will entrust to you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you declare bound on earth shall be bound in heaven; whatever you declare loosed on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

This authority to call down the Holy Spirit onto the bread and wine offered on the Alter, to change them into the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, is given, handed down, from our Lord, to all the priests.

To “Eat My Spirit” we have to let enter, receive, His Spirit, and to "Drink My life", live Jesus' life, obedience, reconciled to God, in the state of Grace. The communion is real food from heaven, His flesh, and real drink, His blood.

- Bill Ginzel

Side Note:I recently found a hand written letter on hotel stationary from a hotel in Hawaii! It was all about my ‘recent experience’ (mentioned above). If it was from Hawaii, then it must have been from around 1996 when we stopped for a layover on the way to Singapore for a mission. I addressed my speaking to the ‘Guideposts’ magazine hoping they would publish it.